Freely Tradable,
Infinitely Composable

A Regulated DeFi Protocol for Finance 3.0
Trade actual assets, equities, bonds, and derivatives with T0 settlement on chain.

Issue your assets on public blockchains to access global liquidity
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*Not Available for U.S. Persons; U.S. Funds and Institutions require a foreign exemption
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Introducing: Laureate.

A Regulated
DeFi Protocol

For Tokenized Equities, Bonds, and Alternative Assets.

With composable DeFi derivatives.

Regulated and insured for institutions and issuers. Composable with all EVM dApps and protocols.
No restrictions on transfer. No lockups.

For non-U.S. users, initially.


Building The Internet Financial System

Trade any asset at anytime, anywhere.

Composable with Permissioned and Permissionless protocols.

Blockchain enabled T+0 settlement.

Access Global Liquidity with Multi-currency Fiat Ramps, fractional sizing, rapid issuance and secondary trading.
Laureate is a novel DeFi protocol built around a comprehensive legal framework.

Designed from first principles to bring traditional financial assets on chain in a compliant way that enables composable liquidity.


Tokenized RWA Lending & Money Markets. Stablecoins & Derivatives


Regulated, Insured, and compliant with Non-US legal frameworks.

Self Custodial

Feature rich account abstraction. Recovery solutions with MPC. International Fiat Ramps.